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Light advertising

We produce and install all kinds of light advertising - light letters, boxes, logos, laser-cut or milled letters and panels. We have acquired the largest vacuum forming machine in Latvia, so we are able to offer our customers all possible solutions for the production of advertising.

The company's workshop also welds aluminium and ferrous metal to produce visual billboards, frames and signs, as well as metal structures for fixing advertising products.

Visual and illuminated advertising field serve Latvian certain undertakings - Hesburger, LMT, BTA, Maxima, MFD, Sixt, Mogo, Air Baltic, Quinto Capital Partners, A1 online shop, DPD etc.

LED light letters

Letter bodies are made of aluminium or PVC. The aluminium is powder-coated to ensure a long-lasting product. For letters with PVC bodies, Oracal adhesive tape is used on the side end. Letter screens are made of opal plexiglass or opal polycarbonate, with a luminescent light filter. The electrical part uses LEDs, which add brightness, uniform illumination and significantly reduce the electrical energy costs. A mounting frame is produced for mounting the manufactured letters. The frame is made of aluminium or black metal, which is also powder-coated, taking into account the location of the letters. Our company gives a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee for the manufactured advertisement.

Light boxes with LED diodes

The light boxes are made of aluminium profiles, aluminium composite material or PVC material. The aluminium is powder-coated, which ensures the long-term durability of the product. Aluminium composite material is used in the production when text and/or logos are milled from the material, thus achieving the effect that the individual milled parts of the advertisement are illuminated during the hours of darkness. Light box screens are made of opal plexiglass or opal polycarbonate with a fluorescent light filter. The electrical part of the light box production uses LEDs, which add brightness and uniform illumination to the advertisement and significantly reduce the cost of electrical energy consumed. Our company gives a 24-month manufacturer's guarantee for the produced advertising.

Vacuum forming 3D letters, boxes, etc.

Thermal vacuum forming is used in the production of various plastic products and light advertising screens. First, a matrix is produced which serves as the base for the vacuum forming on which we perform the vacuum forming. This advertising solution is more expensive compared to conventional letters or light boxes, but will definitely add individuality to your advertising.